How to sell information

To sell the information you should do the following:

1) Sign up on the website by entering your email and receive a letter containing the link to activate your account.

2) Create a new Bitcoin Wallet (or use existing one) and type its address in your account settings. How to create Bitcoin Wallets you can read on the Internet or follow the instructions on our website:

3) Download the application Threema for anonymous communication.

4) Encrypt the information set via TrueCrypt. Then open the tab "My auctions" and click on "Create New". In the window briefly describe the lot that you want to sell. Come up with a title that reflects the essence of the material. The examples you can see on our website.

5) Upload the encrypted archive by clicking on the appropriate button under the description. Set the value of Buy It Now price for the lot, a step bet for participating in the auction and the minimum bid for your lot (the starting price). Select the time limit of the auction and click "Save". Now, your item will be waiting for the approval. In case of any questions the administration of the Exchange of Information will contact you via the website (you will see a message in the tab "Message"), a notification message will be sent to your email and a message will be duplicated to your Threema ID in order get you informed for sure.

6) After the approval of your lot, it will appear in the list of upcoming auctions at In your account you will be able to check the status of your auctions.

7) When a Buyer wins the auction, his funds are transferred to the wallet controlled by Exchange of Information as a Guarantor of transactions. Then you have to send to the winner the password to the encrypted information via a special form.

8) After receiving the password the Buyer is given 48 hours to study the dataset and if he has no claims, the lot is considered to be successfully sold, and the Exchange of Information transfers to your Bitcoin Wallet the funds minus the commission of 20%.

If the Buyer thought that he had received the Item which does not match the description of the purchased lot, he makes a claim and the transaction will be suspended. Attention! The reason for cancellation of the transaction may be a discrepancy between the auction description and the sold dataset. Therefore, we strongly recomment to pay attention to the description of a lot in order to avoid further misunderstandings. If such a claim is considered trustful, the transaction canceles and the Buyer gets a full refund. The Guarantor of the transaction and the Arbitor is The Exchange of Information. It is also possible to choose another Arbitor or any other experts agreed with the Exchange of Information.