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“Secret services are likely key players on information market.” Exclusive interview of Shaltay-Boltay partners
09 March 2017
«Crime Russia». Original:
Inside the bizarre site that claims to sell Russia's secrets
14 July 2015
The Daily Dot. By Joseph Cox. Original: Welc
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Original home video with Vladimir Putin
Original home video. At the beginning of May 1992 the family of the mayor of Saint Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak and the family of the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin arrived on holiday to Finland at the invitation of a privately held company.
7m : 13d
Official appeals to Crimean government and its responses from 11-11-2014 to 17-05-2016
Appeals subjects are very different: from the illegal construction of property, to projects of foreign companies on the improvement of the Crimea (or requests for the establishment of the Putin's monument)). Based on the information obtained from this dat
2m : 3d